Important Facebook Statistics That Every Business Need To Be Aware Of In 2020

Establishing an online presence is an essential factor for social media users to create a successful benchmark, especially business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs, and much more. Marketers or individuals need to create SMART goals to present them online. Specific and Measurable goals will create a huge impact on business conversions, website, or page traffic. A week or unplanned goals or strategies would result in a detrimental effect.

Facebook is the most valuable platform for building brands online. Facebook has over more than 2.5 million monthly active users worldwide. The statistics also prove that around three billion people follow at least one of the business core products. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool which creates excellent space for customer relationships, builds brand identity, boost traffic, and to broaden business reach.

Facebook connects more people with the same interests in various geographic locations that help marketers reach their target audience effortlessly. The platform has made marketers rethink their business strategy and targeting audiences. For any important business, it is essential to understand the Facebook statistics to become a game-changer in the market.

Facebook User Statistics

On average, there are more than 2.5 billion active users worldwide on Facebook, where 1.7 billion people visit at least one business a day. Also, users visit at least one of Facebook’s platforms such as Instagram, Messenger, or Whatsapp.  Facebook has become an important platform for marketers to promote their business online to reach their target audience. Since massive audiences use Facebook each day, it has become a potential platform in digital marketing. Facebook is a powerful and leading social media platform that still stands strong among the competition.

The Revenue Of Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s major revenue comes from marketing and advertising, a massive hit for each business owner and marketers. The revenue statistics show that Facebook received more the 17 billion in advertising, and the demand for Facebook ad marketing is still increasing. Facebook advertising plays an essential role in each marketing strategy.

Small Business On Facebook

More than 80 million small businesses use Facebook as a marketing platform to promote their business online. Each business user can create their own Facebook business page and share their website, contact information, address, and product offers to make customers know more about their brand. This also results in gaining more traffic to your business website. Facebook page creates the opportunity of increasing online business presence. Share your business page URL among the world’s largest communities to reach more potential audiences.

Facebook Attracts The Younger Generation

Facebook is a dominant social media platform for younger generation users, where more than 65% of adults under the age of 35 use Facebook effectively. The age demographic statistics show that the younger audiences are mostly the millennial and generation Z users. As Snapchat gains more popularity among younger users, Facebook still has the attention of adults. Facebook user demographics help the business to identify its target audience seamlessly. Increase your business engagement rate by attracting your potential and active target audiences.

Time Spent On Facebook

Compared to other giant social media platforms, Facebook active users spend an average of more than 58 minutes on the platform each day. Facebook users also visit the platform multiple times by scrolling the news feed on waiting in a long queue, on a transport to work, or their own time. Compared to other social media platforms like Snapchat (49 minutes), YouTube, and Instagram (53 minutes), where users spend more time, it is little less than time spent on Facebook.

Marketers Prefer Facebook

Facebook, as the biggest social media platform, gains more attention among various marketers and business owners. For instance, Facebook’s marketing statistics show that more than 85% of US marketers promote their business using Facebook advertising. When it comes to content marketing on Facebook, almost all the content works well, and also it is essential to plan a content strategy to market their products.


Facebook is a powerful marketing platform for reaching target audiences and acts as an active communication network to interact with their potential audiences. Regardless of the size of your business, such as small businesses, entrepreneurs, new businesses, Facebook is the possible place to promote your business on social media marketing. Facebook advertising helps you refine your marketing strategies, reach the target audience, and increase your ROI (Return on Investment) more efficiently.

7 Tips For Initiating A Branded Hashtag Challenge On The TikTok Platform

Currently, branded hashtags are raising their popularity among the younger generation. It is a challenge where the brand asks its audience to create video content in their style and tag them using a hashtag. These hashtag challenges are becoming increasingly famous among the audience on the TikTok platform as it brings out the users’ unique creativity. 

Most of the hashtag challenges can go viral too. But that doesn’t mean that all hashtag challenges get featured on the TikTok platform. You can buy tiktok likes to boost your content reach among the target market. To help you create a hashtag challenge that has a higher chance of getting featured on the ‘For You’ page, we have highlighted some of the strategies in this article. 

Let’s get started with the various tips that help you launch a successful hashtag challenge on the TikTok platform!

1. Keep An Eye On The Platform

Whenever you plan to initiate a hashtag challenge, it is essential to keep an eye on what others are doing. You will need to check out the various successful hashtag challenges that went viral on the TikTok platform. From those hashtag challenges, you will need to analyze the patterns that helped them in becoming viral. Find out the extraordinary factors that made the content more engaging to the audience. You will need to understand better how the brands used these hashtag challenges to their benefit. On analyzing the other content, you will get an idea of creating content for your brand’s hashtag challenge.

2. Utilize A Valuable Hashtag

One of the main driving factors for the hashtag challenge is their hashtag. In a hashtag challenge, you ask the audience to create content in their style with a specific hashtag. The hashtag challenges in the TikTok platform are becoming viral among the audience of all age groups. If you initiate a hashtag challenge with a hashtag that adds more value to your followers, it will attract the audience, and they tend to participate in your hashtag challenge. Make sure the hashtag is related to your hashtag challenge so that it helps in capturing the attention of the people. Sometimes, you can also use your brand name in the hashtag challenge to enhance your brand’s visibility.

3. Endorse Your Product Or Service

As a brand, you can focus on its product and services and create a hashtag challenge within your niche. Many hashtag challenges come and go, but only a few are relevant to perspective brands. It would be utterly pointless if you create a hashtag challenge irrelevant to your brand or business. So, it is essential to create a branded hashtag challenge and try to keep it within your niche. Make sure to add your brand’s name to enhance your reach among the users on the TikTok platform.

4. Create Appealing Content

When you think about the hashtag challenges, some of them appear right away in your mind. For instance, the Ice bucket challenge and Ten Year Challenge that comes straight away to us. It shows that these challenges were different but have made a place on the minds of the users. If your hashtag challenge is more appealing to the viewers, they will not only participate in it but also remember it for their lifetime. It is a great way to boost your brand awareness among the TikTok audience.

5. Pick The Right Audio

An essential part of a viral hashtag challenge is its audio. Most of the hashtag challenges have an appealing sound that instantly captures the viewers’ attention. Make sure the audio is attractive and is related to your hashtag challenge. On adding interactive audio, you can gain more engagement with your audience.

6. Set Specific Rules

When it comes to a hashtag challenge, you will need to lay down a set of rules for the participants. You will need to set standards that are attractive as well as easy for the participants. In those rules, make sure your brand gets to benefit in some ways. Firstly, you will need to think about your brand goals and objectives for the hashtag challenge. After determining your goals, you can set some rules for the TikTok challenge.

7. It’s Time To Promote

Promotion is an essential technique that helps your hashtag challenge in gaining more popularity on the TikTok platform. You can cross-promote your content on other social media platforms to enhance its reach. Another way is that you can collaborate with an influencer to create a challenge. In doing so, you can advance the range of your brand among the TikTok users.

We hope you got an idea of how to initiate a branded hashtag challenge. Make use of the above strategies and make your content go viral.

How TikTok Outgrew Other Leading Applications?

TikTok has evolved into a social application that has the potential to outgrew every other social platform. Today, the social app has garnered an unremovable place in the minds of the marketers. TikTok is gradually emerging into the leading platform over all other social platforms. The application, which was considered as an underdog, has gained unprecedented growth today. No one ever expected that a company from China would give jitters to the social media world and Silicon Valley. The tech-giants in the USA never expected that an outsider would grow into their competitor. Hence, the upsurge in the user base of TikTok has left other social applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat in shock.

One of the common reasons that are sought to be the reason behind the growth is that it is a video application. TikTok has made its advent when video content has begun to gain attention. Though Facebook and Instagram dominated the tech world by having a large share of the user base, they were not more of a video-centric application. But, TikTok is the social application that is entirely dedicated to videos. Thus, the characteristic of the social app has grabbed the attention of many people. Generation Z and Millennials, form the dominant user base of this lip-synching application easily glued to the app. Because they haven’t come across a social application that is wholly dedicated to videos, therefore, people have started to spend a large part of their time on the lip-syncing app. The endless collection of hilarious videos have made people stay with the platform. It is widely spoken that TikTok only consumes very little data, despite being a video-content. Thus, it had helped it to have a presence in countries with lesser bandwidth. Gradually, TikTok had spread its wings across many countries. It has begun to have to build a strong user base for many developed and developing countries. Hence, tiktok has started to build a strong base for it in many countries. 

Today, many brands are using TikTok as their primary platform for all sorts of promotions. Hence, TikTok has turned into the dominant platform for brands to uplift their social sales. After TikTok, a wide array of social platforms were introduced. The majority of them are video-centric. But, none gained an enormous reach as TikTok had. Today, TikTok is the pioneer of all the video-centric social platforms. Brands are looking to have a strong presence in TikTok over all other social platforms.

After seeing a huge rise in the user base of TikTok, Facebook and Instagram have brought changes to its platform. Both platforms are mooted to transform into video-centric. Facebook had dedicated a section for videos with Instagram introducing IGTV. But the modifications in these both platforms did not do any wonders for them. People started flocking into TikTok, which had led to a rapid rise in its user base. Today, TikTok holds a strong user base across all the countries, making it an inevitable platform for everyone. It has begun to gain in even under-developed and developing countries. Thus, TikTok has evolved into the dominant e-commerce platform across all the nations. Marketers have started to do in-depth research to leverage this platform efficiently. People of all ages had an interest in this platform due to its enchanting content. TikTok has garnered an undisputed place for it in recent times. Today, a handful of social platforms, including Vigo, Helo, have turned into a hit. But, they are unable to attain the same growth as TikTok. Brands can use services like buy tiktok likes to find the prospects at ease. 

Today, marketers laud TikTok mainly for its ability to give jitters to Facebook and Instagram. Because TikTok made its entry when no other platform can outpace Facebook and Instagram. Today, TikTok is witnessing a huge reach and is slowly evolving into the future of social media marketing. Many brands have a presence on TikTok, which is expected to continue in the coming years. Today, a large number of people are going with TikTok to grab the spotlight. Because the lip-synching application has a massive user base, if a person manages to grab the attention of people on TikTok, he can turn into a renowned person in a short period. Thus, TikTok is expected to rule the social media world in the coming years.


In TikTok social media platform it is easy to create videos along with music and you could share it with your friends and followers. TikTok has powerful features and there is an option of special effects adding for your videos. Because of the trending challenges TikTok app gets more people user engagement making the app popular.

Why TikTok Is Popular? 

TikTok is a popular mobile application across the internet which is used by around 90 million people recently. When you Buy TikTok Likes getting many followers is easy and makes account look more popular. It is getting praised by many users who is using other social media applications. TikTok allows lip-synching and you can also create more videos on your own. 

When you have more likes for your videos you could become more popular and viral. Buy TikTok likes from real and genuine users. We offer the best and the most trusted service and your ranking also increases based on the number of likes that you have got for the videos.

How TikTok Likes For Your Profile Is Useful?

If you are having a new account and want to become popular and influence many people then instantly you can become viral buying TikTok likes. The more likes you have more response is got for your account. More number of likes helps you in getting more ranking for your videos. When you get more likes visibility for your profile also increases. High end solution for your profile is provided for all your TikTok services by us. 

Promotion for your account videos becomes instant and you don’t have to worry more about whether the service is reliable or not. Instant fast delivery of service is delivered from genuine users. Buy TikTok likes for proof having many popularity and showing people your video is worthy.

Simple Steps Of Buying TikTok Likes:

  • Login with your TikTok account and select the package that is suitable for you.
  • Select the amount of likes that you need and also provide the details of the video that you need likes.
  • Give all the details for submission and make the payment.
  • Your service gets delivered immediately after you pay.
  • You can see the results within few days.

More TikTok Likes for your video will get more user engagement and the service that is offered is also more beneficial. Your account will be absolutely safe and risk-free. Many brands are getting likes for their videos to promote their products efficiently at a lower cost. If you don’t have more likes probably then your account will me noticed by many audience and could get more viewers. 

TikTok app and the videos is getting viral and popular everyday and many active users are using it daily. Many users are using for creating memories and also to start their career in acting or for promoting their business. Many business people are using it for promoting at a lower cost. TikTok app is used by many people for showcasing their talent and many people create videos which are more insightful.

Describing Plans And Basic Informations Of Buying Instagram Story Views

If you have noticed most of the companies are now switching towards Instagram for providing their brand’s products. Facebook is not the first choice for searching for different products, while users are searching it on YouTube or getting directly on the business profiles that are providing a product of specific brands. Several brands are available on the market and users are finding the best alternative of any particular products which can give them a good discount and good quality product.

Are you thinking about how you can build a high profile easily to provide services to the users? It is straightforward if you want to start your own business online and you have to make your plans and lots of stories to be posted on Instagram as a promotion. The second thing you have to do is buy Instagram story views which can help you to show thousands of opinions from the real accounts so the users will take an interest in your product for purchase.

Many users don’t matter about the product quality, and they want those suppliers whose profile has maximum views. You can be the one who can have thousands of views on their stories and can sell your services easily online. If you want to buy Instagram story views from our agency, check out the procedure by which you can get Instagram views easily.

  • Select Your Plan:

The first step you have to keep in mind is to find the best plan for you and to activate in your Instagram account. Always make a primary target about how many posts you are going to post in your Instagram and how many likes do you want in every single post. Knowing the best plan in the starting can help you to get services at affordable cost, and you can take it as long as you want.

  • Pay For The Plan:

Finding the best plan can help you to manage your budget accordingly. Our services only charge for the views which you want to take and not apply any other extra charges to the customers. Once you have successfully paid for the plan, your services will activate automatically within few hours process.

  • Provide Basic Information:

When you get your plan, you have to provide some information by which we can get your Instagram account easily. You have to know your Instagram ID name so we can get to you quickly and start our services as soon as possible. Your Instagram account name is sufficient to provide services and make your other information private.

  • Enjoy Buy Instagram Story Views Services:

After providing all the details, you are eligible to get our services, and we will start our services quickly. Now post as many stories as you can and get the benefit of Instagram story views services which can help you to get more reach of your product and interested buyers will get in touch with your services.

Purpose of Buy Instagram Story Views and its uses

Instagram covers almost all type of people who are having different taste and looking for those things which relate to them. You can quickly cover thousands or millions of viewers to your story if you are capable of providing stories to their interests. One of the easiest ways to grab viewers is to buy Instagram Story Views. Our services deal with guaranteed 100% satisfaction and help you to increase your viewers in a few minutes.

Apart from this, there are fewer agencies that you can get Instagram Story views, and we are one of them who deal with customer satisfaction. Only active users are provided by our services which can get engage in your stories and help you to support in every uploads.

Purpose of Using Instagram Story Views:

Every user has its purpose of getting Instagram story views. Some users want to grow their business and the rest of them for getting fame in social media. We have already helped several customers who started using Instagram for promoting their business, and they are getting good traffic with our services.
Self-promotion is necessary, but it doesn’t affect more to gram more users. Buy Instagram Story views can help you to get thousands of views in a few minutes and you can handle other work easily.

How it Helps You to Grab More Viewers:

As per increase in views more efficiently can help you to get in touch with different users. Getting views continuously to the stories can make your profile higher to others, and you will get importance from them in every activity that you are doing. Insta users attract to those things which are having more visitors, and they want one of them to check the story what it contains. Providing high-quality content to them can help you instant rise in the profile and getting more views too.

Is it Necessary For Promoting Brands?

Of course! You can promote your brand as other people are doing on Instagram. It is the most straightforward way to get in touch with regular users, and they can even help you to get customers to your sales business. After viewing the brands, users can decide whether it is good or not. If you are waiting to purchase something, you will go with people choices and preferences for what product has viewed and likes most of the times.

Introducing users to your brand can help you to get more connections and offering them affordable prices can help to grow it instantly. Our services are simple to provide instant Instagram Story views which can be helpful in any step of the business holders on Instagram.

Features of Instagram Automatic Likes

The act of delivering the likes is quite simple. Many brands are involved in making their profile better while Buy Automatic Instagram likes. It helps them to get general likes and proper response to their posts. We offer the facilities to different famous personalities and providing them likes according to g to their demand and requirements. With the request of the people, we are successful in delivering Automatic Instagram likes which can help you to grow your business rapidly.

In the list of previous customers, several bloggers, YouTubers and other social media users are involved in buy automatic Instagram Likes. We offer them the same deal that we are providing to you. You can also become one of them while increasing your likes on every post that you are uploading.

Now Let’s Take a Quick Look at the Features of Buy Automatic Instagram Likes:

  •   Affordable Plans:

In the list of buy Instagram automatic likes, we are providing different plans that you can select according to your budget and also try our free Instagram likes trial. All the plans based on monthly or yearly subscriptions, and you can buy for a long or short duration. If you are new, you can check our services with minimum plans and later expand it to the requirements based on your number of posts.

  •   Genuine Users:

It is not so more accessible to grab Insta users to your post. You should be regularly active and having unique content to attract users. More than 50% of the Insta users are using Auto Like services and increasing their profile ten times higher than regular users. Our services can help you to get genuine users which can help you to get more engagement of the people in every post that you share.

  •   Auto Detection Posts:

We offer you the service of quick detection post that you upload at any time. While in the service period, your post will get auto likes instantly and you did not have to do anything after getting a subscription. We provide services while using the username and cannot deals with the security and privacy of the customers.

  •   Problem Solving Team:

After getting subscriptions, we are together a family and help you with every problem which occurs related to your subscription period. Generally, people face the challenge of not getting like or delay in likes, but our services are best among all and deals with fast services with quick detection posts.

  •   Cancellation of Plan:

Our cancellation works if you are not satisfied with our services or wants short-term services. We feel sorry if we are not satisfying you with our services and refund you the amount according to your plans.

Why People Prefer Instagram Stories Over Posts On Instagram?

Instagram provides us all with varied features through which we can interact with others on the social platform. One can post their pictures on their timeline, or upload them as their stories. We encounter various adverts of many companies in the same manner. Quite interestingly, we witness that people more actively interact through stories than actual posts. This is one reason why most companies treat Instagram stories as an integral part of their marketing campaign.

Benefits of Marketing Online

Social media has benefited the online marketing world by providing an extra dimension for advertising and promoting various businesses, startups, brands, and products. Instagram, especially, has served as one of the most significant social media platforms for digital marketing. To promote their content, pages buy Instagram story views as well as automatic Instagram likes for their stories and posts respectively.

The Upper-Hand of Instagram Stories

Although, the combined promotion of both posts and stories is what makes a page successful, yet stories garner considerably more views and cover a larger audience base online. This is one reason why stories are more prioritized. Additionally, stories are more actively updated, and hence different adverts can be put up frequently. To buy Instagram story views is to ensure that apart from good content your promotional strategies are in accordance as well. The story views get exponentially increased with this service, and the outreach of your page gets considerably high in a short span of time.

Few aspects of stories which make them more appealing than a standard Instagram post are:

  1. The addition of various stickers and GIFs make your story look lively. Hence, whenever posting something with minimal content, try and spice up your story with some colorful stickers or cute and funky GIFs.
  2. The artistic filters that Instagram provides for its stories are worth giving a shot. If you upload an advert with imagery as the main component, then try using one of the filters for a unique look.
  3. If you wish to keep a story even after 24 hours, then you can easily add them to your highlights which will appear on top of your profile.
  4. The best thing about Instagram stories is that you can attach a link with it, thus giving your viewers access to all the info they might require.

Due to these easy benefitting services and lesser effort, stories get more popular and widespread on Instagram. If properly utilized, stories can provide a mega boost to marketing campaign, all one needs to keep in mind is the crux of making a story stand out.

What are Automatic Instagram Likes and how can you benefit from them?

The Age of Social Media

We all are living in the ‘millennial’ age, and whether we like it or not, most of our work base has accumulated on our digital devices instead of prints and papers. Clearly, adjusting to the alarmingly frequent changes in our society and our workplaces due to the impact of developing technology does affect our lifestyle. One such major transformation is the interaction one has with various social media platforms. Since it has become the hub of all that happens, nobody wants to get off the screens of their mobiles or tablets.

This is one huge reason why various companies of today have shifted their focus from advertising on television to marketing through different social media platforms. It provides not only a plethora of distinct audience but also a much broader scale of approach than ever before. Be it small flourishing start-ups or global business ventures, everyone has taken up to social media for promoting their brands and products.

Automatic Instagram Likes, the New Insta Hack

One such media platform, which has gained raging popularity, is Instagram. Almost all flourishing brands have taken up to it because of the smooth and wide-scale reach they get over their audience which includes the potential customers that can be influenced by their marketing.

But what strategy of marketing is required so that it reaps the best results on Instagram?

You don’t need to brainstorm any further. The simplest and the most reliable source of developing an audience on Instagram for your content is if you buy Automatic Instagram Likes. The process is simple, integrated and managed by professional sites which deliver this service with consistent and assured results. If you have a requirement of increasing your followers on Instagram exponentially, then you must remember that likes play the most crucial role in pitching in new ones. How so? Well, it is quite widely researched and accepted that a post on Instagram which has more number of likes is likely to attract a larger audience solely on the basis of trend and popularity. And when you buy Automatic Instagram likes it helps you with just that! The idea of AIL is to increase the outreach of your post by increasing the statistics of the likes it gets.

What Goes on Behind the Screen?

But how does the concept of Automatic Instagram Likes actually work? The process isn’t a complicated or a lengthy one.

  • To start off, you just need to research about a trustworthy source which provides the service and then buy automatic Instagram Likes from there.
  • Once you purchase a plan, all you need to do is set a limit and time duration according to which likes on your posts will be delivered.
  • The usernames would be realistic and selected by an integrated programme highly sensitized towards these kinds of compositions.
  • In constant intervals, the number of likes on whichever post you select would keep increasing. You can also set a default setting for all your posts which would cut short the hustle and still give you the required results.

The likes on a post bring in the audience; it is as simple as that. A person is highly likely to click on a post which has a considerable amount of likes rather than the one with lesser numbers. The option of Automatic Instagram Likes only requires one to be consistent and a bit patient for the results.

Sometimes, it happens that people are irregularly active or entirely inactive on their pages. This results in them losing followers rather than gaining any. If one puts in the perfect amount of time and strategically keeps posting on regular intervals, then Automatic Instagram Likes is the cheapest and the most effective option for creating a broader outreach for their page.