Important Facebook Statistics That Every Business Need To Be Aware Of In 2020

Establishing an online presence is an essential factor for social media users to create a successful benchmark, especially business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs, and much more. Marketers or individuals need to create SMART goals to present them online. Specific and Measurable goals will create a huge impact on business conversions, website, or page traffic. A week or unplanned goals or strategies would result in a detrimental effect.

Facebook is the most valuable platform for building brands online. Facebook has over more than 2.5 million monthly active users worldwide. The statistics also prove that around three billion people follow at least one of the business core products. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool which creates excellent space for customer relationships, builds brand identity, boost traffic, and to broaden business reach.

Facebook connects more people with the same interests in various geographic locations that help marketers reach their target audience effortlessly. The platform has made marketers rethink their business strategy and targeting audiences. For any important business, it is essential to understand the Facebook statistics to become a game-changer in the market.

Facebook User Statistics

On average, there are more than 2.5 billion active users worldwide on Facebook, where 1.7 billion people visit at least one business a day. Also, users visit at least one of Facebook’s platforms such as Instagram, Messenger, or Whatsapp.  Facebook has become an important platform for marketers to promote their business online to reach their target audience. Since massive audiences use Facebook each day, it has become a potential platform in digital marketing. Facebook is a powerful and leading social media platform that still stands strong among the competition.

The Revenue Of Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s major revenue comes from marketing and advertising, a massive hit for each business owner and marketers. The revenue statistics show that Facebook received more the 17 billion in advertising, and the demand for Facebook ad marketing is still increasing. Facebook advertising plays an essential role in each marketing strategy.

Small Business On Facebook

More than 80 million small businesses use Facebook as a marketing platform to promote their business online. Each business user can create their own Facebook business page and share their website, contact information, address, and product offers to make customers know more about their brand. This also results in gaining more traffic to your business website. Facebook page creates the opportunity of increasing online business presence. Share your business page URL among the world’s largest communities to reach more potential audiences.

Facebook Attracts The Younger Generation

Facebook is a dominant social media platform for younger generation users, where more than 65% of adults under the age of 35 use Facebook effectively. The age demographic statistics show that the younger audiences are mostly the millennial and generation Z users. As Snapchat gains more popularity among younger users, Facebook still has the attention of adults. Facebook user demographics help the business to identify its target audience seamlessly. Increase your business engagement rate by attracting your potential and active target audiences.

Time Spent On Facebook

Compared to other giant social media platforms, Facebook active users spend an average of more than 58 minutes on the platform each day. Facebook users also visit the platform multiple times by scrolling the news feed on waiting in a long queue, on a transport to work, or their own time. Compared to other social media platforms like Snapchat (49 minutes), YouTube, and Instagram (53 minutes), where users spend more time, it is little less than time spent on Facebook.

Marketers Prefer Facebook

Facebook, as the biggest social media platform, gains more attention among various marketers and business owners. For instance, Facebook’s marketing statistics show that more than 85% of US marketers promote their business using Facebook advertising. When it comes to content marketing on Facebook, almost all the content works well, and also it is essential to plan a content strategy to market their products.


Facebook is a powerful marketing platform for reaching target audiences and acts as an active communication network to interact with their potential audiences. Regardless of the size of your business, such as small businesses, entrepreneurs, new businesses, Facebook is the possible place to promote your business on social media marketing. Facebook advertising helps you refine your marketing strategies, reach the target audience, and increase your ROI (Return on Investment) more efficiently.