The Detailed Guide On How To Create An IGTV Channel

Instagram is a popular platform that currently has over more than one billion monthly active users worldwide. Instagram creates various features and updates to stay ahead of competition among different giant social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and much more. Instagram has popular features such as Instagram stories, Instagram stickers, Instagram AR filters, Instagram live video, IGTV, and much more. Among these, IGTV stays on top that encourages video marketing strategy. At present, IGTV supports both horizontal and vertical video content, which is best for content creators and viewers. This guide will help you with a detailed guide on how to create an IGTV video on Instagram. For Instagram Reels, buy Instagram Reels likes to strengthen your relationship with the target audience.

How To Create An IGTV Channel?

If you need to upload a video on IGTV, you need to create an IGTV channel. Instagram has made IGTV super simple and easy to use. Follow the below step to create an IGTV channel:

Sign in to IGTV App available on Android and iOS and log in with your Instagram username and password.

  • Click on the IGTV settings in the right-hand corner and click create an IGTV channel, and now you are ready to upload your videos.
  • Or you can upload your first video from the Instagram Explore page.
  • Click the IGTV button on the explore page and click the plus (+) symbol on the top right corner. You can open your camera roll and can select your IGTV video.
  • Once you post your first video, you will notice a new IGTV section on your Instagram profile, a separate IGTV tab dedicated to your IGTV videos.

How To Create Videos For IGTV?

Before we get to know about how to create vertical videos for IGTV, let’s understand the technical specifications of IGTV.

  • The video format of IGTV is MP4.
  • The length of the IGTV must be at least one minute long. The maximum size of the IGTV video in the mobile upload is 15 minutes, and the web upload is 60 minutes.
  • The IGTV video’s size is 650 MB for less than 10 minutes video and 3.5 GB for 60 minutes video.
  • IGTV supports two orientations, such as Portrait (vertical) and horizontal (landscape). The vertical video should be the 9:16 aspect ratio, and the horizontal video should be 16:9 aspect ratio.

Instagram TV is similar to Instagram stories, where you have no limit to what you create. Marketers or businesses share product tutorials, how-to videos, share company news, company updates, and much more. IGTV is more like YouTube and is highly used by vloggers and influencers. If you are best in Instagram stories, then IGTV will not be too difficult. IGTV is considered to be the extension of Instagram stories. IGTV contents are long-form contents, so it is essential for markers or individual users to prepare, shoot, and edit content before publication.

How To Upload Videos On IGTV?

Now that you understand the importance of IGTV. Follow the below steps to know how to upload videos on IGTV:

  • Go to your IGTV application and click your IGTV channel from the main page.
  • Click the plus (+) icon at the top right corner to add new videos to your IGTV channel.
  • Select the video from the camera roll.
  • Add the title and a compelling description. Use relevant keywords to make it easier for people to find your videos on IGTV. Add hashtags and tag other or similar Instagram accounts. IGTV also allows you to add links. Once you add links, you will be able to click on the links in your video description to direct them to any landing page or website.
  • Add a preview video of one minute long of your IGTV video in the Instagram feed.
  • Add a cover picture. You can upload a custom picture (The cover photo should be in the aspect ratio of 1:1.55) or choose a thumbnail from the video. The thumbnail will be shown up on your channel page in IGTV categories. 
  • Click the post button to upload the IGTV video.
  • Monitor your IGTV video impressions, reply to comments, and track your IGTV video analytics.
  • Click on the ‘more’ button on the IGTV video and click view insights where you will see the total number of likes, views, and shares. You can view your audience rate, how many people watched your IGTV video. It also displays a graph of audience retention to understand the performance metrics of your IGTV video.